The Journey

After travelling the world for many years and enjoying caffeine in so many cool coffee bars in all corners of the globe, it became our dream to create a new company here in the UK, founded in 2015, using the elements to us that made for a great place to hang out and enjoy good beverages and food.


From comfy big couches and armchairs to even the later opening hours, an emphasis on ethical and organic and using better quality product.


Our aim was not the elaborate, but to take the simple and do it very well, from the very best old school sandwiches to our superb in house bakery to phenomenal brunch dishes, looking always for the best quality ingredients, suppliers and even equipment, the challenge every day was how can we do better. 


A home from home for our customers, a community hub, where you will find a student deep in a book, a mum meeting friends or just a few guys enjoying an espresso. We would make it a business where people wanted to be a part of and support. We would always put our customers first and not short term profit.


As a company we have strong ethics and standards, we care deeply that those are maintained and always improved. We have high expectations and take nothing for granted. We seek always to give back to the community and beyond.



Social Responsibility


From the beginning as a company we have given away thousands of pounds in donations to amazing organisations representing, children’s cancer, animal welfare, local children and adult mental health.  As the company has done well, we always felt it so important to give back and it was on behalf of customers who have shown us the most amazing support that we in return show our commitment to a different better way of running a business. 


Here at gro we understand environmental concerns, as a business we have a corporate, social and ethical responsibility to do our bit to help the environment. Moving forward we will always look to improve on this and develop aspirational targets each year.

  • We only use bio degradable compostable straws for our drinks

  • All our drinks come in only glass bottles,  we do not use plastic bottles 


  • All packaging, cups, lids, are all bio degradable 


  • We use local suppliers and organic produce where possible 


  • Our coffee is triple certified, organic fairtrade and rainforest alliance 


  • All our eggs, flour, butter and milks are al organic 


  • Our bacon and sausage is sourced from puddledub farm,  an ethical farm which concentrates on welfare standards 


  • We continue to expand our vegan range within gro and is something we will look to develop in the future 



We aim always to use and work with great suppliers and product, be they local, ethical, organic or have good environmental practices. Quality is important to us, reducing the amount of chemicals used and animal welfare. 


Just some of our product suppliers:

  • Puddledub farm for all our sausages and bacon


  • Green city wholesale, for organic flours, organic drinks and vegan product

  • Arran cheddar for all our cheese

  • Charles mcleod the finest Stornoway back pudding

  • Bio greengate  our napkins, cups and packaging

  • Organic eggs from lainshaw 

  • Pietros Glasgow, handmade Italian sausage